RBAir Programme Summaries, Subjects & Qualifications

Our curriculum

Our curriculum isn’t just about subject timetables, it’s about the entire student experience at RBAir and ensuring we maintain an environment that inspires and supports each student to reach their goals.

From integrated wellbeing and dedicated mentors, to class sizes that increase from 1:1 to small groups as confidence grows, learn more about why our curriculum is so unique below.

Subjects available at RBAir

The following subjects are currently available at RBAir, and the qualification levels at which they are offered:

Animal CareASDAN
ArtGCSE, Arts Award (Bronze, Silver or Gold), ASDAN
Business StudiesGCSE
Computer ScienceGCSE
English LanguageGCSE, Functional Skills, Entry Level Certificates, ASDAN
English LiteratureGCSE
MathsGCSE, Functional Skills, Entry Level Certificates, FSMQ, Edexcel Award in Maths, ASDAN
Additional subjectsAQA unit awards, Lifeskills challenges, and a range of other ASDANs, depending upon the interests of the student

Additional subjects

We offer AQA units which allow students to study areas that are of particular interest to them and receive certification for successful completion.

Our face-to-face provision offers ASDAN Lifeskill Challenges. These include English, Maths and PSHEE, and support our young people with personal care, travel, independence and the skills they need to prepare for adulthood.

If a student is particularly interested in learning about a subject we don’t currently cover, then we will investigate ways to provide this.


RBAir programme summaries

In addition to full-time provision for students with and without EHCPs, due to our flexible nature, RBAir is able to offer a series of additional programmes tailored to individual students’ needs and aspirations. Below is a brief summary of the provisions we offer.

Our core RBAir provisionRBAir programme (non-EHCP)An alternative provision, student-centred programme, this consists of up to three GCSEs, therapy, social re-engagement (including individual community Link Mentor support), and transition support to successfully move on from RBAir’s programmes. Provided both online and face-to-face to best support the student.
RBAir extended programme (EHCP)For students with EHCPs, RBAir’s programme as above can be extended to suit students’ needs to ensure they receive the level of support required.
Post 16 Step4ward programmeThis programme is for students funded by an EHCP and is informed by the Preparation for Adulthood framework. It is open to 16-20 year olds and can include face-to-face, online therapy, retakes, additional education and extra GCSE qualifications.
Our additional, needs based, programmesTransition support extraA supplemental programme for existing RBAir students who need greater support than the transition support provided in our full-time programmes. This programme usually lasts one term.


Visits are encouraged at any time.

For further information about our available programmes, admissions or to arrange a visit, please contact the admissions team (01223 354338 / admin@rbair.org.uk) or Christina Smith (Assistant Head).


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