What we’re fundraising for

Red Balloon student Lottie
  • Distressed teenager - links through to 'Help us overcome the COVID-19 challenges'

    Help us overcome the COVID-19 challenges

    The COVID-19 crisis has changed our world beyond recognition and we are having to offer more online and telephone therapy to anxious students and their families. And the pandemic has dramatically affected our donations, as events, fundraisers and meetings have had to be cancelled. Please will you help us meet our COVID-19 challenges?

  • Well-being sessions at Red Balloon

    Well-being fund

    Our students are young people on the cusp of adulthood but they aren’t just experiencing the usual issues of being teenagers. They’re also dealing with bullying, bereavement, illness and many other worries. That’s why well-being is at the very heart of Red Balloon.

    Will you help bring piece of mind by supporting our well-being fund?

  • Red Balloon student

    Student bursary and hardship fund

    Some children have their places at Red Balloon funded by their local authority (through an Education, Health and Care Plan) while, for others, their families have to meet the costs. Sometimes parents can’t afford it so students are forced to rely on a blend of funding sources, including our Student Bursary and Hardship Fund.

    Will you make a donation to our Student bursary and hardship fund to ensure that Red Balloon is available to more vulnerable young people who need us?

  • Chemistry box

    Learning tools and spaces fund

    Our Red Balloon Centres may not be like mainstream schools, but our students still need spaces to study in, and tools to learn with.

    Will you help ensure that these vulnerable children have everything they need to get their lives back on track by donating to our Learning tools and spaces fund?

  • Red Balloon students

    Donating to your Centre

    Will you donate to one of our Centres or to Red Balloon of the Air – our online and face-to-face school?

    Perhaps you have a loved one who is thriving with Red Balloon and want to say “thank you”. Or maybe you’re simply interested in supporting young people in your neighbourhood. That’s fantastic; thank you so much.