Help and advice

Help and advice

For students…

If you’re not able to attend school at the moment, whether it’s because of bullying or another challenge, it can be scary. Our students tell us that they want to go to school and learn but teachers simply don’t understand their needs. You might be worried about the future; concerned about taking your exams, or how you’ll get into college or work. Is that what’s happening with you? Well, there is help at hand.

Take a look through our website and see if Red Balloon might be an option for you. We’ve got five Centres – in Cambridge, Reading, NW London, Norwich and Worthing – as well as Red Balloon of the Air, our online and face-to-face service. On these pages you’ll see the type of curriculum on offer, how lessons are taught, and the therapy and mentoring which are an equally important part of the timetable.

On many pages, you’ll see quotes and testimonials from students who share their experiences of studying with us. There are also some more in-depth stories, like these from Anna, John, and Peter. You can also check out the article in the Guardian which features one of our ex-students, Hannah Letters.

If you think Red Balloon might be the answer for you, then ask one of your parents (or your guardian), to get in touch. They can then talk to the head teacher about taster days and visits.

In the meantime, if you’re affected by bullying take a look at the advice offered by Kidscape about dealing with bullying. There are other sources of help on this page.

Whatever the reason for you missing school, do talk to someone – whether it be your parents, a favourite teacher or someone on a helpline – because then a solution can be found so you can carry on with your life with confidence and all the help you need.

For parents…

We know that having a child who can’t go to school is terrifying. You fear for their future, friendships, exams, as well as their sense of wellbeing.

Take a look through our website, read about Red Balloon and see if we might be able to help. You can learn more about how our programme – which blends educational support with wellbeing and social re-engagement – helps children carry on with their studies and overcome their anxieties so they can learn to mix with their peers again.

If you think Red Balloon might be right for your child, read about our admissions process and then get in touch.

In the meantime, if you’re worried that your child is being bullied, then there are sources of help here. If you’re worried about their mental health, then Young Minds has lots of useful support including a parent helpline.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Red Balloon welcomes students whose first language is not English. In admitting a student with English as an Additional Language (EAL), a Centre will liaise closely with the relevant Local Authority to ensure the bespoke provision meets and supports the needs of the student.