If you think Red Balloon might benefit you, then do get in touch. We have Centres in Cambridge, Norwich, NW London, Reading, Worthing, as well as RBET Norfolk, so if you live near one of those, then the Head of Centre would be happy to talk through your requirements.

Alternatively, Red Balloon of the Air may be the solution you’re looking for. It offers the Red Balloon programme in a blended online and in-person way, with the opportunity for some locally based learning and social activities.

In these early discussions, the Head of Centre (or the admissions team at RBAir) will explain about Red Balloon’s three pronged approach, blending education, wellbeing and social re-engagement. If this feels suitable for you, then the next step would be to visit the Centre. This will help you to become familiar and comfortable with our learning community, and you will be able to see for yourself how a Centre operates. Then you can decide whether it is the right environment for you.

If you’re interested in applying for Red Balloon of the Air, a member of the admissions team will talk you through the RBAir programme, and discuss how education blends with therapy and mentoring in in-person and online settings depending on your needs.

All students are asked to agree to three conditions:

  • You want to be at Red Balloon and will attend regularly.
  • You want to learn and make academic progress.
  • You will behave with respect and consideration to the other students, the staff, the property and any pets we might have.

Following a successful taster experience or home visit, we will hold further discussions with parents or carers, and work out what happens next.

We will need to talk to your school or local authority about how your place will be funded; funds which may come from the Local Authority, schools or parents (with a possible contribution from our bursary fund in some instances). Sometimes funding for our bespoke programmes will be met by a combination of these funding sources.

If you are not offered a place, or choose not to come to Red Balloon because you don’t think it suits your needs, then we can offer you advice and support on the next steps that you and your family might take.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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