Headteacher’s welcome

Red Balloon of the Air (RBAir) is different. Like our other Centres, we offer a warm and welcoming learning community but our students are offered a unique blend of online and in-person education and support.

Students join RBAir because they are missing out on their education and are becoming increasingly socially isolated. These learners might not be ready or able to attend a ‘bricks and mortar’ Red Balloon Centre, so every morning they log on to the RBAir community from their home and benefit from everything Red Balloon has to offer. Our students cover the core subjects, pursue their passions through individualised programmes, and develop their self-confidence and love of learning.

“RBAir can transform a young person’s situation before they are ready to leave their homes. We provide the stepping stone for students to restart their education and rediscover the wider world”.

If you’d like to know more about RBAir, you can sign up for one of our Open Day Showcase events, continue exploring our web pages, see what we can offer, and find out about some of our learners’ amazing achievements.

Hannah Curry and Philip White
Interim Headteachers

What is a day like for a student?

Each of our students has a laptop loaned by RBAir for the duration of their studies. They will have a timetable of sessions across the week which fall into the timeslots opposite, to make sure our students and staff have enough breaks between sessions to do their best. For online sessions our students simply log on ahead of the correct lesson and meet their teacher, or therapist, online. For in-person sessions, link professional (mentor) meetings, and student hub sessions, students will either travel to a Centre, or their link professional will visit the student at home and within the local community.

What our students say

  • “I have finally found a place where I belong and where I feel safe and I trust people.”

    From the Red Balloon of the Air Centre
    In Red Balloon of the Air

  • “There's never a time where I've met someone from Red Balloon and thought "I regret that", all the worries are definitely only in your head. ”

    From the Red Balloon of the Air Centre

  • “What I value at Red Balloon is that everyone accepts each other for our uniqueness.”

    From the Red Balloon of the Air Centre

  • “I like the fact you can take things at your own pace.”

    From the Red Balloon of the Air Centre
    In Red Balloon of the Air

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