Moniek’s volunteer story

Photo of Moniek, a volunteer with RBAir

Moniek’s volunteer story

Moniek volunteers with Red Balloon of the Air (RBAir). Here she shares her motivations, experiences and rewards.

“I started to volunteer with RBAir as I wanted to do more in my working life than I already did. Volunteering is a good way to do something useful while getting a chance to get to know a place and the people who work there.

I chose to volunteer with RBAir because I have worked with young people both as a maths teacher and tutor. Confidence building is an important part of my approach to teaching, and I thought this was a good match with the RBAir mission. RBAir is such an important place for young people who are having a difficult time. I hope to be able to contribute towards improving their well-being.

I support social re-engagement group sessions once a week. In addition to that I have done some face-to-face Maths teaching with students who were struggling with online Maths lessons. And a few times I have offered mini Gentle Movements sessions, for some members of staff and young people who wanted to give that try.

Overall, volunteering with RBAir has been a great experience. There is a very positive atmosphere and just being there for a few hours has lifted my mood on many occasions. I have enjoyed being part of such a wonderful team!

Most of all, I really enjoy engaging with the young people. It is just wonderful to see their self-esteem improving. I am grateful that I can contribute to the support they need.

Looking forward …. I have just become a member of the Maths team to teach more face-to-face sessions and will continue to support the social re-engagement group sessions once a week as a volunteer. I hope to be part of this wonderful team for much longer!”

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