5 Top tips: Young Adult authors to read

5 top tips: young adult authors to read. An open book on a table in front of a library shelf of multi-colour books

Some top tips from RBAir Headteacher Michelle for young adult authors to try during lockdown


It’s a bit of a strange situation we find ourselves in lately, and without all our normal activities to keep us occupied we need to get creative! While we’re in lockdown our wonderful staff are sharing their 5 top tips of things to do, whether it’s a new way to experience old favourites, or the chance to try something completely novel.
Today’s tips are suggestions for some great young adult authors to try out during lockdown.


1. Markus Zusak

Set in WWII, his best known novel is The Book Thief, which spent over a decade on the New York Times best-sellers list. Zusak’s other works include I am the Messenger which explores morality and our personal choices in an accessible way, and his latest novel, Bridge of Clay.

Markus Zusak


2. Patrick Ness

Ness is an incredibly imaginative writer for teens, who has an abundance of wonderful fantasy and sci-fi to explore. His book series Chaos Walking includes the award-winning Monsters of Men. Hard-hitting page-turners are his speciality, but the heart-breaking A Monster Calls deals with love and loss in a beautifully inventive way.

Patrick Ness


3. Frances Hardinge

Explore this author’s home page called Twisted City to get a glimpse of her astounding imagination. One of her best known and loved novels is called The Lie Tree. Set in the Victorian era, The Lie Tree explores gender roles, evolutionary theory, truth and lies, all through the distorting lens of Hardinge’s wonderful lyrical prose.

Frances Hardinge


4. Philip Pullman

If you haven’t yet seen it, an adaption of his trilogy His Dark Materials is available on BBC iPlayer for the next two months. Pullman creates a parallel world of mystery and adventure in this triology, which explores fantasy, science and theology through the adventures of Lyra Belacqua, his remarkable protagonist.

Philip Pullman


5. J.K. Rowling

Rowling’s series of seven Harry Potter novels follow Harry from the age of 11 to 18, as he moves from his horrible home in Privet Drive to the amazing Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry learns how to harness magic to fight against the evil Lord Voldemort and, on the way, learns plenty about strength, kindness and friendship. This is a series for children of all ages!

J.K. Rowling

Happy reading, everyone!

We hope you’ve found these top tips helpful, and we’d love to hear your top tips via facebook and twitter. We’ll be sharing more tips over the coming days.

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