5 top tips for embracing culture

The Louvre museum and glass pyramid illuminated at night

Some top tips from English teacher Helen on how to embrace culture into our lives without leaving the house

It’s a bit of a strange situation we find ourselves in lately, and without all our normal activities to keep us occupied we need to get creative! While we’re in lockdown our wonderful staff are sharing their 5 top tips of things to do, whether it’s a new way to experience old favourites, or the chance to try something completely novel.

Today’s tips are on how to experience culture from across the UK and beyond without having to leave the house.


1. Watch professional productions without going to the theatre

The National Theatre has a variety of videos that make world-class theatre accessible without even having to leave your house.

2. Tune in to some poetical perfection

Star Trek and X-Men star, Sir Patrick Stewart OBE, was reading a sonnet a day on Facebook under the hashtag #ASonnetADay. They’re short and sweet.

3. World class Ballet and Opera from the comfort of the couch

The Royal Opera house has beautiful and inspiring content that can be accessed for free at any time. Immerse yourself in graceful ballet and lyrical arias!

4. Explore the wonders of plants with Cambridge’s beautiful botanical gardens

If you’re missing nature’s wonders while you’re squirreled away indoors, then the Cambridge University Botanical Garden’s Wellness Wander could be just up your street. They’re posting a new walk every week to bring you some uplift and respite.

5. Tour the world without the jetlag

Why limit yourself to the UK? There’s more culture virtually available across the globe than you can shake a stick at! With treats such as tours of the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento Italy, there’s also a wander around Waltham Forest and the Tour de France cultural tour across 100 French museums and institutions.


We hope you’ve found these top tips helpful, and we’d love to hear your top tips via Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be sharing more tips over the coming days.

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