25th anniversary events timeline

25th anniversary event timeline

There’s lots happening!

There are lots of exciting events going on this year; we hope to see you there!

  • Red Balloon Reading students plogging

    Plog for Red Balloon Day - 6 May*

    Join us in our Plog for Red Balloon Day fundraising event – combining outdoor exercise with picking up rubbish. It’s the Swedish craze catching on around the globe!

    *Or a day which suits you.

  • Make a donation to Red Balloon

    Centre celebration days - 27 May

    Each Red Balloon Centre will be holding its own celebration event. More information to follow.

  • A family of cyclists

    Red Balloon Ride - June

    One goal. One great cause. A whole lot of fun! Join us for our big June ride!

  • Carrie's clematis

    Carrie's open garden preview - 11 June

    Invitation only event. More information to follow

  • Carrie's garden

    Carrie's open garden weekend - 12 & 13 June

    Carrie’s much-loved open garden weekend is back! More information to follow.

  • Digging time capsule

    Burying time capsules - 9 July

    Commemorative event at our Red Balloon Centres.

  • Dinner setting

    Cutlers' Hall Giving Dinner - 21 October

    Fundraising event in Cutler’s Hall, London. More information to follow.