Update: 18 May 21

Our policies are currently subject to a review process. The aim is to ensure that each reflects the local context of our individual Centres, and Red Balloon of the Air. We are therefore moving away from pan-Red Balloon policies and adopting a more bespoke approach.

The Centres, including RBAir, are moving toward policy directories, with all their individual policies in one document. An example of this is Red Balloon NW London’s, as seen below. But in the meantime, policies are located as indicated below.

Red Balloon CambridgeSee the Cambridge Policy Directory
Red Balloon NorwichSee this page
Red Balloon NW LondonSee the NWL Policy Directory
Red Balloon ReadingSee the Reading Policy Directory
Red Balloon of the AirSee policies listed below, along with this exams policy directory


Over the next few weeks, Centres will be adapting our policies to ensure they accurately reflect their own context.

Please see note above about the status of the policies below.