World Gratitude Day

Today is World Gratitude Day! There are many things to be thankful for at Red Balloon, so to celebrate, we’re listing five of the things we are most grateful for.

Our Staff- We couldn’t do what we do at Red Balloon without our fantastic staff. Our teachers, mentors, therapists, cooks and everyone at Red Balloon goes above and beyond for our students. We can tell how much everyone values our mission at Red Balloon, and are so grateful for everyone who works at our Centres.
Our young people- We are lucky to have an amazing group of young people who attend our provisions. Although our job is to educate them, they actually teach us so much! Each student that comes through our doors is unique and we are grateful for the opportunity to help them on their journey.
Our Supporters- No matter if it’s large or small, a regular donation or a one-off, we would not be where we are without our supporters. They are the backbone of Red Balloon and we are eternally grateful for their generosity in changing the lives of young people.
Our Volunteers-They say it takes a village, and it certainly does! We love our Red Balloon volunteers. People who take time out of their day to help our students out, no matter what the job may be!
You- By reading this article and engaging with our content, you help other people see our page which can lead to student referrals, donations, volunteers, and even new employees. We are grateful that you spent time reading this article today!

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