Red Balloon Exam Success 2022

Students at Red Balloon are celebrating another great set of exam results. Across Red Balloon of the Air and Cambridge Centre, 100% of students entered for GCSE English Literature and GCSE English Language received grades 4 to 9 (the old grades C to A*), and the same fantastic pass rate was seen in Chemistry and Psychology. Students gained a whole host of other qualifications alongside, including 14 students passing their Bronze Art Award.

At the NW London Centre, of all the GCSE exams sat this year, 96% saw results that were at, or higher than, their predicted grade. They gained many other qualifications, with a fantastic 100% pass rate for all Functional Skills exams taken.

In Reading, of children who took GCSE English Language, 100% received grades 4 to 9, and 83% achieved the same in Maths.

Rob Watson is Director of Education and said, “Students and staff have coped with enormous challenges over the last 18 months, having to make considerable adaptations because of the changes in the assessment regime brought about by COVID. We are incredibly proud of what they’ve achieved.”

Red Balloon provides therapeutic and educational support for children unable to attend school because of severe bullying, mental ill-health, trauma or a medical condition. It is an alternative to school with Centres in Cambridge, Norwich, NW London and Reading, alongside its online programme, Red Balloon of the Air. It is opening a new Centre in Worthing next term.

“All of our students have come to us because they simply couldn’t attend mainstream school anymore,” said Rob. “Many had been missing from lessons for months, if not years. Between them, they’ve overcome a whole range of challenges such as post-traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety and depression, complete loss of confidence, agoraphobia and eating disorders”

“No grade on a certificate can ever express just how amazing our students are. We’re proud of the progress they’ve made and how much they’ve grown as individuals. We hope our students are proud too.”

We want our students to know that they are all successful and we are on hand to help them move on to the next stage in their journey to adulthood. I’m sure the future holds great things for all of them. These results are empowering!

“We feel privileged to have been part of their journeys and look forward to hearing about their achievements over the years to come.”

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