Red Balloon Educational Trust Is Here

Welcome to Red Balloon Educational Trust

As we put our 25th anniversary behind us, we turn our attention to the next quarter-century. We already have our strategic plan in play and the upcoming opening of Red Balloon Worthing is the next step of our exciting development plan.

The first Red Balloon Learner Centre opened in Cambridge in 1996. We are now supporting students in four (soon to be five) locations, as well as running Red Balloon of the Air, our blended online and face-to-face service. The anniversary gave us pause to consider our vision for the future of Red Balloon.

So, we have changed our name to Red Balloon Education Trust. We feel that this encapsulates how we’ve grown as an organisation, and the name clearly articulates our essence. We aim to build on our national anti-bullying profile, continue our engagement with the Department for Education and other policy makers concerned with alternative provision and respond to commissioners’ requirements.

Red Balloon Educational Trust now includes the operations of Red Balloon of the Air (RBAir), the new Red Balloon Worthing, as well as providing Central Services. Bringing these three bodies together will please Ofsted (with its preference for multi-academy trusts) as well as large funders. It will also help reduce back-office costs and make it easier to monitor policies and procedures to ensure that ever-changing regulations and professional standards are met and maintained.

RBAir and Red Balloon Worthing will determine their own character, in accordance with Red Balloon’s Philosophy and Practice, under the leadership of their Local Governors. Red Balloon Educational Trust’s senior leadership team will be at their service, offering assistance with inspections, HR, marketing, fundraising, IT and finance. This leaves front-line staff to do what they do best – help the recovery of traumatised young people.

It is hoped that other Red Balloon Learner Centres currently operating as independent charities will join Red Balloon Educational Trust when the time is right for them.

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