Students and staff celebrate National Picnic Week (22-28 June)

Students and staff celebrate National Picnic Week

Picnicking is one of the UK’s most enjoyable summer traditions and National Picnic Week is designed to encourage people to take get together over favourite foods and enjoy the great outdoors (appropriately distanced, of course). Being outside has never been more important than it is this year!

Picnicking is a big challenge for many of our students who can find socialising and being away from home difficult. So we were delighted when, at one of their lockdown online community sessions, Red Balloon Reading students and staff took this timely opportunity to describe their favourite places to picnic, share their favourite recipes (some healthy-eating, others not-so!) and talk about who they like to picnic with. Here are some of their thoughts, experiences and opinions.

Students at Red Balloon of the Air also shared how they like to picnic, along with hints and tips about how to make everything go smoothly. See their presentation here.