Latest Updates from Red Balloon Worthing

Pilot Scheme Participation

Red Balloon Worthing was selected by the NSPCC from a large number of schools and learner centres across the country to participate in a pilot scheme. Holly and Laura, both teachers of RSHE at the Centre, took part in the pilot and delivered a range of sessions on topics such as healthy relationships, consent and online safety. They then participated in a feedback session with NSPCC and made valuable contributions to the development of a nationwide programme from the NSPCC.

World Book Day 2023

We celebrated our first World Book Day at the Centre on Thursday 2nd March. Staff at the Centre dressed up as a range of literary and famous characters including Cruella De Vil, Where’s Wally and The Cat In The Hat. Learners brought in their favourite books and read extracts to each other. Staff also wrote about their favourite books and put posters up around the Centre advertising the author and a summary of the book. It was a really enjoyable day!

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