Red Balloon of the Air Hosts First Art Exhibition and Auction

Three landscape paintings on a white gallery wall

RBAir’s Art Auction

On Saturday, 7 May Red Balloon of the Air hosted its first Open Art Exhibition and Auction. With artwork created by our young people as well as donations from many local (and not-so-local) artists, attendees experienced an afternoon of culture (and cakes) as they wandered the halls gazing at the beautiful art.

a white wall with several landscape paintings


With every item displayed up for auction, we received bids on nearly every piece of art that was showcased!

paintings on a blue wall


By the end of the day, we raised £1869.17 for Red Balloon of the Air! We would like to thank every who attended our event, as well as everyone who donated artwork and their time.

two paintings propped against a window resting on a checked tablecloth


If you would like more information about Red Balloon of the Air or if you have any questions about the Art Auction, please email