PwC Panto Supports Red Balloon

PwC Panto Supports Red Balloon

This year RBET is delighted to be the chosen charity of the PwC Panto. Each year the incredible company volunteers to create a show from scratch. From the script, music, lighting, sound and costumes, to acting, singing dancing and playing in the band, a whole team of incredible people give up their free time to create an incredible show to share with young people who might not otherwise get a chance to visit the theatre. Throughout the rehearsals and on show days they raise funds for their chosen charity, which this year is us!

Not only are the PwC Panto team raising funds for us, but they also kindly provided free tickets for our students to come and see the show. What a fantastic show it was! We can wholeheartedly say you’d never have a clue that this wasn’t a professional theatre production, and we’re blown away that such a bunch of talented people all work for an accountancy firm!

This year’s show was Beauty and the Beast, and it was a delight from start to finish. It added all the best and most ridiculous moments from panto into a modified version of the usual love story set in France. From wonderful heroes, evil baddies and an outstanding Dame, it also featured the most incredible hair quiff known to mankind and the most spectacular dancing teabags you have ever seen.

It was also wonderful to see many other groups of school children also attending the panto as guests of PwC – from the audience reaction and the feeling in the air after the final curtain closed, we know they were having a wonderful time as well.

All our students and accompanying staff had an incredible trip, with interval treats of Drumstick and Love Heart kindly provided by Swizzles and our travel to and from the venue wonderfully donated by Govia Thameslink Railway.

For some of our students this was their first trip to London, and for others their first trip with Red Balloon, and we were so proud of how they did. From long train journeys to a bustling city and strange locations, trips like these can be stressful or overwhelming, and we’re so proud that our students managed to take it all in their stride.

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