Keeping Your Brain Active During Summer Holidays

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Ready for Summer Fun!

Lessons are finally finished and you have no worries for the rest of the summer holidays! What a lovely feeling! While there is no pressure to continue learning while you’re enjoying your break, there are some fun activities you can do over the summer hols to keep your brain active and ready to learn again when September comes.

So when you’re bored of TikTok and scrolling through Instagram, maybe give one of these ideas a try!

  1. Go to a museum. Entry is free in all UK National Museums, so this one won’t cost you anything but an afternoon. Find a museum in your local area and grab some friends. You can make a day of exploring the museum, and even make a game of who can learn the most bizarre fact of the day. From science to art and fashion, there are so many options to pick from!
  2. Visit a zoo or safari park. You might have already done this with school, but visiting during the summer is a game changer. Grab an ice cream and wander around the exhibits. It might not even feel like you’re learning anything at all as you watch the animals in their habitats, but you are!
  3. Watch a documentary. It might sound boring, but documentaries cover a wide variety of topics so there’s bound to be something that interests you. When the weather gets too hot, hide inside with the curtains closed and sink into the sofa with some snacks. From true crime, politics, the supernatural, nature, and so much more, you’d be surprised how quickly you can get hooked on a good story.
  4. Play a board game.There are so many board games that are fun but require thinking strategically. Scrabble, Monopoly and Catan are classics, but there are newer games like Colour Brain, Forbidden Island, Fungi, and Wonderland’s War that are so much fun you won’t even realise you’re using any brainpower.
  5. Examine tidal pools. If you can, head to the seaside and spend a sunny day in the sun and sand (or pebbles). Explore the tidal pools and see if you can identify what you find. Take pictures and Google any creature that you aren’t sure of. You’ll have a nice day out at the beach, and also get a bit of biology mixed in!
  6. Do a puzzle. On a rainy day, pop on a film or binge-watch a show while you put together a puzzle. You’ll be using your brain and be surprised at how quickly the rainy day flies by! Or, you can do a puzzle over several days or weeks. Either way, when you’re finished you can choose to frame it or take it apart and put it back in the box for another time.

Of course, there is no obligation to do anything on this list. Doing nothing and lazing about is a perfect way to spend your summer holiday. Maybe your brain needs a break, or your mental health needs some recovery time. Just make sure to do what’s best for you!

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