Celebrating Earth Day 2023

A pair of hands gently holding the earth

Earth Day 2023

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is an annual event to celebrate and support environmental protection. The theme for this year is Invest in Our Planet.

To encourage you to get out and spend some time in nature and invest in our planet, we’ve put together a list of fun environmentally-friendly activities that you can do to celebrate our amazing planet. These ideas are good for the planet and good for your mental health!

  1. Scatter some seeds! While taking a walk, cycling or even rollerblading, scatter some wildflower seeds as you go. Not only will you benefit from the endorphins of light exercise, but just tossing seeds as you go will benefit the pollinators that are so important to our ecosystem!
  2. Pick up rubbish. Even if you don’t feel like spending too much time outside, just taking five minutes to pick up rubbish around the neighbourhood will help make our environment cleaner. Plastic pollution is one of the most important issues the planet is facing at the moment, and every little bit helps. You could even get some friends together and make an afternoon of it- see who can collect the most rubbish by the end of the day!
  3. Plant a garden. If you’re feeling up to the challenge and have the space, consider planting a vegetable garden. Growing your own veggies is a fun and sustainable way to support the environment. Nourishing sprouts also nourishes your soul. Plus, on sunny days, vitamin D benefits both you and the growing plants.
  4. Make a minibeast hotel. Get creative with bark, pinecones, leaves and moss to make your own minibeast hotel. These small structures can be any shape that you like, and provide shelter for garden-friendly bugs and wildlife. You can find instructions and a helpful video from RSPB.
  5. Shop at a local farmer’s market. Enjoy a beautiful day while supporting local businesses and buying local produce. Local growers also tend to use less plastic than traditional grocery stores, which is another great benefit of farmer’s markets. Plus, when you buy locally, there are less CO2 emissions since the food doesn’t have to travel as far.

No matter what you do to celebrate Earth Day, even if you do nothing at all, just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful planet we live on. And remember, Earth Day is just one day a year, but to keep helping our planet be as healthy as possible, try to be environmentally conscious every day.


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