Air students win Science poster competition

RBAir students Eleanor and Sam have placed in the top three in the Royal Society of Chemistry East Anglian Section Poster Competition 2020!

Earlier this year schools were invited to join the poster competition: in a team of up to four people, students needed to carry out a kitchen chemistry experiment (something they can do at home!) and put together an A3 poster of their work.

Sam and Eleanor from RBAir teamed up to investigate the effect of temperature on the chemical reactions within glow sticks. They set about activating glowsticks submerged in water of different hot and cold temperatures, and recording their findings. As predicted they found that increased temperature made the reaction happen faster – so the glow sticks glowed brighter and stopped glowing sooner – and a decreased temperature slowed the reaction down – so the glowsticks glowed more dimly but stayed glowing for a lot longer.

They put their experiment and observations together into a poster to show their findings – you can read the full poster here – and submitted their poster to the competition.

Covid threw everything out of whack a little so it was a while before we heard the results, but we were delighted to find out at the end of November that Eleanor and Sam’s poster was in the top three submitted!

For their excellent work Sam and Eleanor both won some prizes and RSC goodies, and RBAir were awarded £250 towards science supplies so that our students can keep experimenting.