The negotiated curriculum

We operate a negotiated curriculum because we feel it is important for our students to feel a sense of ownership of their own learning and to be involved in the planning and assessment of what they are studying as well as the actual study itself. We expect most students to study English, maths and science, as well as basic IT skills, and there is always a PE option available for those who want it, such as swimming, badminton or gym. Lessons are a mixture of 1-1 sessions and small groups of 2-3, and are at the pace and level our students need to catch up on anything they’ve missed. Our teaching areas include a, science lab, art room music room and a library, and if it’s really nice weather and the subject is suitable there’s also a chance to be outside instead.

Subjects available at RB-Cambridge

As well as offering English, Maths and Science at a range of certification levels up to Key Stage 4, students can study a range of additional subjects. The full list of subjects available at RB-Cambridge, and the qualification levels at which they are offered are as below:

Design TechnologyEntry Level Certificates
English LanguageGCSE, Functional Skills, Entry Level Certificates
English LiteratureGCSE, Functional Skills, Entry Level Certificates
Modern Foreign LanguagesGCSE, FCSE
MathsGCSE, Functional Skills, Entry Level Certificates, FSMQ, Edexcel Award in Maths
Media studiesGCSE
MusicGCSE, Arts Award
Performing artsArts Award
ScienceGCSE, Entry Level Certificates


If a student is particularly interested in a subject not currently provided at the Centre we are sometimes able to provide additional subjects if suitable provision can be obtained.

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Extra-curricular activities at RB-Cambridge

We know the measure of a successful education is not simply achieving high grades in exams – real accomplishment is about growing as an individual, improving your abilities and confidence over time, and building and maintaining relationships with your peers. In addition to subject lessons, PSHE, and well-being, RB-Cambridge has a focus on additional activities to help our students grow, as well as have some well-deserved fun. Various trips are run over the course of the year, as small groups or sometimes joining students from our other Centres. We also run an annual residential adventure trip to Ormside Mill, helping our students gain some experience in planning and team work while enjoying exciting activities such as canoeing and climbing. In addition to this, we offer a holiday club for students to see their peers and do activities at different times when we are out of term.