• 29 July 2021

    Parent’s perspective: Olivia’s story

    "As a parent I cannot explain how grateful and thankful I am to Red Balloon for helping Olivia to find a path back to education again."

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  • Young man sat on a rock on the shore, looking out to sea on a cloudy day
    15 July 2021

    Alumni: Jack’s story

    "It’s no exaggeration to say that if it wasn’t for Red Balloon, everything I’ve done over the past ten years would have been literally impossible."

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  • Photo of a man looking out to see - representing a Red Balloon alumni
    4 June 2021

    Alumni: Josh’s story

    "Like many people, my path hasn’t been a straight line from A to B. Variety has been the main thing; trying lots of different hats on and seeing how they fit me."

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  • 14 July 2020

    Lilly’s story

    "RBAir let me do all my lessons online and at my own pace, and they always listened."

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  • Anna - A Red Balloon of the Air student
    7 April 2020

    Anna’s story

    “One of the best things at the start was the online and face-to-face therapy Red Balloon offers. It doesn’t feel like therapy; it just feels like chatting to someone about your life".

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  • Eve tells her story
    7 April 2020

    Eve’s story

    “I want to do the things I used to do with ease and took for granted, like walking to the shop for sweets or going on holiday.”

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  • Red Balloon of the Air student
    4 March 2020

    John’s story

    "I don't know where I'd be without RBAir. The past doesn’t make me feel sad any more, now I just think about the future.”

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