We’ve Moved!

Red Balloon Educational Trust and Red Balloon of the Air are excited to announce that we have moved house!

To better meet the needs of our staff and young people, we have moved to a new location. But don’t worry- we are still based in Milton!

Willow Lodge (previously a bed and breakfast called Ambassador Lodge) will serve as RBAir and RBET’s new home. Staff have decided to return to history and honour the two previous names of the building (Willow House and Ambassadors Lodge) and have christened our new building Willow Lodge.

As always, we want our Centres to be cosy, homely and safe. Willow Lodge embodies this perfectly, with its small, but bright therapy rooms, gardens and dedicated spaces for independent living skills and art classes.

While we have loved Winship House with its central location, Willow Lodge offers us the spaces we need to host multiple classes, sessions and activities at the same time. It offers us a wonderful garden space to play and learn about horticulture.

It also is a step toward a sustainable future for Red Balloon. Instead of renting, we are now owners of our new space. We welcome the security that will offer our staff and students (and pocketbooks!), as well as the freedom it gives us to change the space to meet our needs — extra kitchen space for practising life skills, bigger community spaces, and a multi-purpose workshop area for art, science and other big projects.

We hope you all love our new location as much as we do, and don’t forget to mark down the change of address:

Willow Lodge
37 High Street
CB24 6DF

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