RBAir’s December 2023 Co-curricular Day!

RBAir Co-Curricular Success

Red Ballon of the Air students had a wonderful time on their co-curricular day to Ely last week!

Attendance was high, and there was an incredible level of engagement from a number of new students. A total of 17 young people joined the outing, and we have received some great feedback! Some young people said it was good to meet others who feel the way they do and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. Many enjoyed the Ely cathedral and the private showing of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and the accompanying popcorn!

In Essex, ten young people attended the co-curricular day in the Danbury community. There was Christmas tree decorating, a pizza lunch, and a viewing of the new movie “Wonka” at the cinema.


Co-curricular days are an important way to show young people that gently getting out of their comfort zone can lead to fun new experiences. The goal is to widen the opportunities for young people to engage in new experiences and have a go at something new. Outings like this also increase awareness of the world around them, and allow young people to meet other students in-person.

We are so thrilled about this latest success for our young people and are already looking forward to the next co-curricular day in the new year!


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