Norwich leavers’ week

Farewell to our year 11s

It’s that time of year again we have to wave goodbye to our year 11 leavers and wish them luck for their journeys away from the Centre. It’s always sad to see them go, but it’s also very exciting to see them heading on to new and wonderful things. But of course we couldn’t say a proper goodbye without some leaving celebrations!

The whole of RB Norwich has been enjoying a Year 11’s Leavers Week last week, celebrating and saying goodbye to our oldest students. On top of traditional activities such as signing shirts, the week has been full of fun and memorable activities requested by students. The week has included things such as quizzes, basketball, walks, challenges, a take-away, a bubble-tea outing, and… a Bake-off competition! (more one that below!)

Bubble tea and quizzes

Bake-off Competition

Students baked in pairs throughout the Wednesday, then the whole school judged the sets of 6 cup-cakes based on originality, presentation and taste.

Sets of Sesame Street character cakes won the day – they were marbled chocolate and vanilla bases, with buttercream Elmo and Cookie Monster faces on top.

Delicious red velvet strawberry and raspberry sets were a close second. ALL of the cakes, without exception were outstanding! We love days like these!


Bake-off Gallery