Mini-moo at the Museum of Cambridge

Museum of Cambridge mini-moo, rocking horses on a night sky by artist Marlis Horgan

Cows About Cambridge

If you’ve been out and about in Cambridge lately you may have noticed some colourful bovine additions to the crowds on the streets and in shops throughout the city.

This beautiful herd of 90 large cows and mini-moos will be gracing Cambridge as part of a community art installation until the beginning of September. Created by local artists, with input from local children for the mini-moos, the cows are each a unique celebration of the city.

The cows form an art trail throughout the city, to encourage people to explore and rediscover their city as they find, and learn about, each of the art pieces dotted trough the area.

Find more about Cows About Cambridge and the trail over on their website.

The creation of the Museum of Cambridge Mini-moo

Last year the Museum of Cambridge joined the project and became the creator of a mini-moo (one of the smaller, calf-sized cow statues in the installation).

Inspired by the museum’s ever popular rocking horse exhibit, artist Marlis Horgan enlisted the help of children at the museum and students at our RBAir Centre. Children and students each coloured their own version of the rocking horse, re-imagining it in whatever colours they chose.

Horgan then collected these designs and used them to help decorate the mini-moo, galloping across a stunning night sky… and after much work the beautiful Philippa was born.

Have a look at the creation photos below to see the process from student drawings, unwrapping the mini-moo, and painting in progress. (Though we’re not stealing her thunder, so to see her in her final glory you’ll have to check out the art trail…)


Creation Gallery

Phillipa the mini-moo

Featuring a dreamscape of rocking horses across a beautiful starry night sky, fading to deepest midnight at her hooves and face, the golden-eyed Philippa looks like she’s been plucked straight from the heavens and childhood dreams.

Read more about Phillipa and see her official Cows About Cambridge profile and photo here.

And if you’d like to see Philippa in person, then visit the Museum of Cambridge as part of the art trail, and see this dreamy mini-moo first hand.

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