Why Are Mock Exams Worthwhile?

Why are mocks worthwhile?

RBAir has mock exams in January and March 2022, but sometimes mocks can feel a little bit pointless. You’ve seen exam papers, you understand what kinds of questions there might be… so why go through all the stress and hassle of going to a Centre to sit something that isn’t a ‘real’ exam? Here are some reasons from RBAir Headteacher Michelle:

Get familiar with what an exam feels like

Get familiar with what an exam feels like. You might not visit a Centre often so this is a chance to look around and get to know the rooms. Even if you are a regular visitor, things will feel different when set up for an exam, so come along to get comfortable in the space.


Learn how to deal with worries

Everyone feels stressed by exams – that’s normal. However, mocks give you a chance to try out ways of working through your concerns. You’ll be better prepared to be calm and focused in the summer.


Know what timings are like in the ‘real’ thing

Often when working in sessions you won’t stick rigidly to time limits. Mocks allow you to get a sense of whether you should work a little bit faster, or more slowly and carefully when completing your exam papers.


Try out any access arrangements

Get to know how to use additional time, rest breaks, or other allowances you might have. The mocks are the perfect time to practise and ask any questions about how to use your adjustments, or what’s allowed.


Discover what you need to revise or practise

Mocks will help you find out if there are any things you’ve learnt that you need to revisit, practise or learn in more detail.


We understand preparing for examinations can be stressful. That’s why mocks are are fantastic way to reduce anxiety when it comes to exams. At RBAir, we are here for support and encouragement so that every young person feels comfortable and prepared for any type of exam.


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