Everesting fundraiser

The peak of mount Everest on a sunny day

Climbing mount Everest is an incredible feat, but what about cycling it? In 24 hours?!

Red Balloon Cambridge supporter James will be cycling the height of mount Everest in a challenge known as “Everesting”


What is “Everesting”?

Everesting is an advanced endurance challenge in which participants climb to the height of Everest by repeatedly going up the same individual hill.

Participants complete the challenge with one single activity, be it cycling, running, or virtually (no mixing and matching!). They travel up (and down) the same hill of their choosing until they reach a total of 8848m climbed. And the biggest challenge? It’s in ONE SITTING, with no sleep until it’s complete.

Sounds tough right? There’s no limit to the time a challenge can take (as long as you don’t sleep), and challengers can be cycling for over 30hours to finish it off!

James’ Everesting Challenge

Supporter James is putting his cycling skills and endurance to the test by completing a cycling Everesting challenge to raise money for Red Balloon Cambridge.

He’s planning for 24 hours for his challenge: that’s 24 hours of cycling without sleep (though with breaks), going uphill until he reaches a total elevation of 8848m!

It’s a phenomenal challenge, and we’re completely inspired by his incredible feat, and we’re sure you are too.

Help motivate him through all those uphill miles by donating towards his fundraiser.

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