Chelmsford Young Gen Supports Red Balloon

Chelmsford Young Gen

Chelmsford Young Generation is a music and drama society (charity registered) for young people aged 8 to 18, established in 1968. They work with professional directors to perform two shows each year at the Chelmsford Theatre.

The fact that Young Gen works with professional directors allied with the hard work and dedication of the young people on stage and the myriad of volunteers who help out with the many aspects of putting on a great show, from the wardrobe department through to the set builders and backstage crew, allows the society to produce performances of the highest calibre.

Being a member of Young Gen gives young people an extremely wide range of life skills. Working as part of a dedicated team of people of all ages from diverse backgrounds, gives the “Young Genners” a unique opportunity to grow in confidence on an individual basis as well as being part of a group that strives, not only to put on tremendous shows but to have fun and develop new skills while doing so.” (Young Gen website)

Young Gen and Red Balloon

Red Balloon and Young Gen are similar in that we both support young people and encourage them to engage with the wider world and enjoy doing it. That’s why we’re thrilled to be their chosen charity for 2024! Young people supporting young people is an amazing thing! Their first show this year is Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, which is about a young boy who doesn’t quite fit in and faces bullying and adversity- sound familiar?! Jamie’s struggles are similar to those our young people faced before coming to Red Balloon. We think it’s the perfect show for this partnership!

The show runs from the 16th-20th of April. If you’re able to make it to Chelmsford and see the show, you won’t be disappointed! You can book tickets here.

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