Anti-Bullying Week 2022

Today begins Anti-Bullying Week 2022. Anti-Bullying week is held by the Anti-Bullying Alliance which is a coalition of organisations and individuals who work together to achieve their vision to stop bullying and create safer environments for young people-something we wholeheartedly agree with at Red Balloon! In fact, we are core members of the ABA.

Many of our young people come to Red Balloon because they have experienced horrific bullying that made mainstream school impossible to attend. The ABA’s mission resonates with us because we have seen first-hand the terrible effects bullying can have.

How we support bullied students

Red Balloon focuses on education, but we also value wellbeing and a sense of community. Our students have often had similar experiences to one another, like being bullied, so there’s an innate level of understanding and acceptance, and our inclusive atmosphere makes sure everyone feels valued. We seek to engage students in communities that are both supportive and demanding, so they understand both the value and realities of communities we experience throughout life. We also tackle bullying head-on in Centres; even in the best environments situations will arise, so it’s important to handle them well when they do. We make sure that issues are addressed with due importance, discussing the situation and its impact with those involved and making sure everyone is happy with the resolution.

Bullying takes a severe toll on mental health, and mental health and emotional wellbeing are essential to a happy and healthy person. At Red Balloon, students are able to have counselling and therapy to help support them with the problems they have been facing and offer guidance for any issues they may face later in life. This attention to wellbeing has helped many young people overcome the trauma of being bullied and feel ready to reintegrate back into mainstream schooling.

Of course, none of this will stop a young person from being a victim of bullying. The best way to go about preventing bullying is to boost organisations like the ABA who take active action against bullying. You can find out more about the ABA and how they fight to end bullying on their website. It’s also a great resource for parents and young people.

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