RBAir programme summaries

Red Balloon students

Red Balloon of the Air programme summaries

RBAir is able to offer a series of programmes, tailored to individual students’ needs and aspirations. These include:

RBAir standard programme (non-EHCP)This consists of three GCSEs, therapy and social re-engagement (including community Link Mentor support)
RBAir extended (EHPC)RBAir’s programme can be extended to suit students’ needs
RBAir re-engagementThis is a short term programme – open to students whether funded through EHCPs or not. But it does not include SEN support.
Preparing for adulthood – Post 16 modular programmeThis programme is for students funded by an EHCP. It is open to 16-20 year olds and can include face-to-face, online therapy, retakes and additional education
Therapy onlineAvailable online
Exam onlyAvailable at our exam centres in Milton (Cambridgeshire) and Danbury (Essex)


For further information or to arrange a visit, please contact the admissions team (01223 354338 / admin@rbair.org.uk), Christina Smith (Assistant Head) or David Golding (Development Manager).

RBAir's leaflet (programme overview)

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Post 16 Preparation for adulthood

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RBAir's therapy only programme

Download our leaflet which describes our therapy programme