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Performance outcomes

Our programme is designed to reduce students’ social isolation, build their confidence and get them back on an academic track, raising their ambitions and interest in learning.

We support a very diverse group of young people, many of whom have been out of education for several months or even years. When our students join us, they have missed extensive periods of schooling. Accordingly, their attainment levels are usually well below the national average for their age.

We also have a high proportion of students with special educational needs – in 2017/18, 81% of our students had recognised special educational needs. It is therefore important to view performance not just in terms of academic attainment. RBAir values the progress students make in their personal, emotional and social development just as much as those achievements measured by exams.

GCSE exams 2022

Our students each sit a selection of subjects based on their needs and aspirations; highlights of this year’s results are shared below. We were delighted to see their achievements this year, with an overall grade 9-4 pass rate of 75%.

  • Of our 11 students who took Maths, 69% achieved grades 4-9
  • Of our 10 students who took English Language, 71% achieved grades 4-9
  • Of our 13 students who took Science in any form, 75% achieved grades 4-9
  • Of our 7 students who took Psychology, 100% achieved grades 4-9
  • Of our 2 students who took History, 100% achieved grades 4-9
  • Of our 5 students who took Chemistry, 100% achieved grades 4-9


Non-GCSE exams and qualifications 2022

Our students also took a range of non-GCSE exams and qualifications, including BTECs, Functional Skills, Edexcel Awards and Arts Awards at various levels. Qualifications ranged in subject from the core English, Maths, and Science, to more varied subjects such as Arts and Animal Care.

Across all these qualifications our students achieved an incredible 92% pass rate.

Our stories

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    "I make decisions about when, where and what I learn and as a result of this I am getting higher grades."

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  • Eve tells her story

    “I want to do the things I used to do with ease and took for granted, like walking to the shop for sweets or going on holiday.”

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