Statutory Information and Policies

RBAir – Registered charity number 1138657

RBAir’s registration as a school

As a predominantly online provision, RBAir falls into a grey area in legislation and is currently unable to legally register as a school due to the logistics of our physical locations and the fact that students do not attend our premises on a daily basis. We are working with the Department for Education to resolve this, but cannot be inspected at this time. It should be noted that this is not a reflection on the high quality provision which we provide: the Department for Education has provided a Letter of Comfort which can be seen here.

RBAir has taken part in many Quality Assurance processes with a range of Local Authorities and is recognised as an approved Alternative Provider in many areas of the UK.

RBAir is a registered GCSE exam centre and a member of the Independent Schools Association.

Performance outcomes

Our programme is designed to reduce students’ social isolation, build their confidence and get them back on an academic track, raising their ambitions and interest in learning.

We support a very diverse group of young people, many of whom have been out of education for several months or even years. When our students join us, they have missed extensive periods of schooling. Accordingly, their attainment levels are usually well below the national average for their age.

We also have a high proportion of students with special educational needs – in 2017/18, 81% of our students had recognised special educational needs. It is therefore important to view performance not just in terms of academic attainment. RBAir values the progress students make in their personal, emotional and social development just as much as those achievements measured by exams.

Our targets for our students

We continually monitor the quality of our provision. We aim to achieve the following outcomes:

  • 80% of our students improve attendance from 0% at their previous school to over 70% at Red Balloon after 12 months on the programme.
  • 85% of our students return or transition to appropriate mainstream or alternative education or further education, training or work.
  • 90% of eligible students (Years 10 and 11) sit exams and obtain qualifications.
  • 75% of students increase activities outside the home by 50% or more after 12 months on the programme.

  • “I'm not completely better, but I am in a better place mentally than before.”

    From the Red Balloon of the Air Centre
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Annual reports

Red Balloon Learner Centre Group produces an annual report for the work undertaken across the Red Balloon federation of charities. Our most recent reports are available below.



Policies are reviewed annually by the Centre trustees. The Chair of Trustees signs a policy list (held in the Centre office) to indicate that this has been carried out. Names of ‘responsible staff’ (e.g. Examinations Officer) as required within policies are also available from the Centre office. Our full list of policies is available here.

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