RB-Cambridge has 23 members of staff and volunteers working at the Centre in a mix of full-time and part-time roles.

Coordinator/DSLJessica Lechner
Curriculum Leader/EnglishChris Loft
Deputy Coordinator/PSHE/Music/PE/Deputy DSL Sarah Deboys
SENDCo/Maths/ITTim Eccleston
AdminDiana Robertshaw
Exam Officer/HumanitiesVicky Biggs
Deputy DSL/Science/PremisesAdam Southwell
Admissions/History of ArtKaterina West
Transitions Lead/MusicDaphne Williams
Art Kath Canning
Design TechnologyTim Pursglove
English/DramaTheresa Mcintosh
LanguagesRussell Lord
MathsSue Merrell
MusicCiaran Forrow
Student SupportFlor Rodrigo Fidalgo
Therapist/Parent Support GroupGalit Solomon-Tivony
Therapist/Staff supportTim Shuker-Yates
CookBridget Hares
CookRaul Gonzalez
VolunteerPippa Taylor
VolunteerJade Amanda Laporte
Teacher traineeTrudi Hudson



Red Balloon Cambridge’s trustees come from a range of different professions and volunteer their time to ensure best practice governance and the smooth running of the Centre:

Lauren Allin
Anya Brown
Deborah Brown
Lynne Harries
Lucy Johnstone
Ruth Loshak
Rebecca Porter
Sayo Badejo